Cultural heritage and traditions

UNESCO Amalfi Coast : patrimonio dell'umanità. Beni e tradizioni

Le cartiere

In the Ferriere Valley of Amalfi and the Reginna Minor valley of Minori, it is possible to admire several remains of factories from the proto-industrial

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Le faenzere

There is no church on the Amalfi Coast that does not have a floor of Vietri ‘riggiole’, which are majolica tiles that came out of

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Villa Episcopio

MUNICIPALITY: Ravello NAME: Villa Episcopio LOCATION: Episcopio Street DESCRIPTION: Villa Episcopio, built during the 11th century, is the former residence of the bishops of Ravello.

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Monumento a Umberto I

MUNICIPALITY: Ravello NAME: Monument to Umberto I LOCATION: Piazza Fontana DESCRIPTION: On July 29, 1900, the King of Italy Umberto I died assassinated in Monza.

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Sacrario ai caduti

MUNICIPALITY: Ravello NAME: War Memorial (and Church of St. Augustine) LOCATION: Piazza Fontana DESCRIPTION: The church of St. Augustine stands at the ancient Piazza di

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