I prodotti della terra e del mare

I prodotti della terra e del mare

This itinerary introduces the visitor to a journey through the taste and flavors of the Amalfi Coast. Moving between the municipalities of the coast and those of the hills and mountains, the visitor can get closer to the products that for centuries have constituted and even more in the past constituted the pivot of the local economy; the anchovies that are reproposed in many dishes of the gastronomy of the coast, the lemons of the hills, together with the wines that are produced with the grapes harvested from the pergolas built on the terraces constitute a real wealth of knowledge that has been handed down in the cultivars of the vines for generations, the chestnuts which in the past centuries represented the true source of wealth of the mountain communities, replacing in many families the flour for pasta and bread, the cheeses which the most florid pastoralism once drove to produce in order to preserve a strong source throughout the year of protein, and finally the famous cherry tomatoes that are not transformed but stored for months tied together in a sort of bunch in the cellars of the towns of the Amalfi Coast allow you to get to know that part of the coast that can sometimes be overlooked as it is not immediately perceptible.

The door to the path in Scala introduces the visitor to a journey in which the five senses will all be involved in pleasant surprises.

The route can be done by traveling with your own car along the state road 163 which from Vietri sul Mare reaches Positano passing through the centers of Cetara, Maiori, Minori, Atrani, Amalfi, Conca dei Marini, Furore and Praiano and making a detour on via Nuova Chiunzi which from Maiori leads to Tramonti, Ravello, Scala, or using public services, with interchanges in the main towns of the coast.

The route can also be used in an alternative way by using the sea link services, which are implemented in the spring and summer period, but do not allow to reach all the municipalities involved.

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