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I terrazzamenti di Scala

MUNICIPALITY: Scala NAME: Terraces LOCATION: Loc. Pontone, Loc. Minuta, Loc. Pestrofa DESCRIPTION: The area most affected by terraced areas is at the elevation of the

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Chiesa San Giovanni Battista

MUNICIPALITY: Scala NAME: Church of St. John the Baptist LOCATION: Loc. Pontone DESCRIPTION: The church, originally with three naves, currently presents the appearance it received

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Chiesa di San Filippo Neri

MUNICIPALITY: Scala NAME: Church of St. Filippo Neri LOCATION: Loc. Pontone DESCRIPTION: The structure, preceded by a cross-vaulted atrium, has three apsidal naves, divided by

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Chiesa San Eustachio

MUNICIPALITY: Scala NAME: Church of St. Eustace LOCATION: Loc. Pontone DESCRIPTION: The remains of the structures, dating back to the 12th century (the bells are

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Palazzo de Saxo

MUNICIPALITY: Scala NAME: De Saxo Palace LOCATION: Location of S. Pietro DESCRIPTION: The palace, of 13th-century plan, preserves little of the original structure, but the

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Bagni Arabi

MUNICIPALITY: Scala NAME: Arab baths. LOCATION: Loc. Pontone Locality and St. Catherine DESCRIPTION: Of these constructions belonging to dwellings of wealthy Scala families, two survive:

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Castrum Scalelle

MUNICIPALITY: Scala NAME: Castle of Scalelle. LOCATION: Loc. Pontone DESCRIPTION: The castle is almost totally ruined, only structures that never exceed 1.00 meters in height

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Torre dello Ziro

MUNICIPALITY: Scala NAME: Tower of the Ziro LOCATIONON: Loc. Pontone DESCRIPTION: On the spur of rock that juts out toward the sea, between Atrani and

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Duomo di San Lorenzo

  MUNICIPALITY: ScalaNAME: Cathedral of St. Lawrence (former Cathedral)LOCATION: Cathedral Square DESCRIPTION: The cathedral, dedicated to St. Lawrence the Martyr, was built in the 11th

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