The horizontal Costiera

This reading key of Costiera allows to discover the territory following the three principal altimetric altitudes which it is possible to individuate in Costiera Amalfitana.

Sea with its villages represents the lowest altitude, where the visitor meets fishing culture which influences not only economy (today less than in the past) but it permeates also urbanistic and the way of life.

These villages, which are situated in the valleys excavated by torrents, are situated towards the sea and they are divided by it only through the beach or through the road which represents the principal access way to the territory.

Countryman world which finds its realization at hill altitude, instead, opens to the visitor the vision on different atmospheres, made of work in terraced gardens during well defined periods of the year and of transformation activities of agricultural products. In the end the mountain with wood represents the highest altitude and it preserves a breathtaking view on the whole Costiera to those who go as far as these altitudes.