The protected areas

Along the whole southern part of the Italian peninsula, there are many sites being considered of great importance within the European Community, five sites out of them are recognized by UNESCO as having a worldwide importance. Among them there are the costal deep valleys which represent a really picturesque and interesting natural context: their orographic heterogeneity and their special microclimate which has developed inside them, make it possible to find there a higher concentration of species of a very high biogeographical value (for example endemisms or relict species) and of big environmental interest. Furore deep valley, for example, has been designated Site of European Community importance (SECI) by the Ministerial Decree dated 3/4/2000, it is an area protected by the Territorial Urban Plan (Regional Law no.35/85), that is by the Village Plan, and because it is situated within the Amalfi Coast, it is “UNESCO World Heritage”. They are all environmental restrictions based on the protection above all of the landscape heritage, while the value of the floral and above all of the plant and tree species in the area are not well known. Another deep valley of big interest, is the so called “Ferriere” deep valley” (Oriented Natural Reserve), where many species of biogeographical interest can be found, and where human activity is much reduced (for further information visit the website