Tutela il tuo Territorio

The 3T, initalian, Protection(Tutela) il Your(Tuo) Territory(Territorio), is an acronym that could become a best practice in terms of communication. In fact, it contains an object (the territory), on which an action must be carried out (protection), by a subject (the user of the territory, resident or visitor) to whom one addresses directly and forcefully, “attributing ownership” (yours) the object-territory.


  • the Territory is understood and promoted as a complex system of natural and anthropic elements, both to be preserved and to be transformed in harmony with the context;
  • Protection, a topic widely debated in the context of the scientific debate on the “conservation” of the territory and specifically of cultural landscapes, will be conveyed in its meaning of active protection and not of mere conservation of the status quo. It is a term immediately perceptible to the vast public;
  • the possessive adjective Tuo induces one to consider the territory as one’s home and therefore to treat it as such. In fact, cultural heritage (even more so if it is recognized as a “world heritage” by UNESCO) is a “public good” par excellence, but often what belongs to everyone is perceived as “nobody’s” (res nullius), in particular in Italy. Stimulating the single individual to feel “owner” of a common good is an obvious provocation. However, it represents a useful terminological contribution to push all the “users” of the territory – the citizen, the tourist, the entrepreneur, the administrator – to reflect on the consequences that the actions they are about to undertake will have on something that must be considered “his own”. ” property.

In this section, therefore, not only the reports of valuable elements not mentioned, or in danger, will be collected. The actions that citizens and visitors deem useful – or harmful – for the conservation and compatible transformation of the territory will also be reported.

Find out more and give your contribution to protection: visit the website www.tutelailtuoterritorio.it