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UNESCO Amalfi Coast : patrimonio dell'umanità. Beni e tradizioni

Le cartiere

In the Ferriere Valley of Amalfi and the Reginna Minor valley of Minori, it is possible to admire several remains of factories from the proto-industrial

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San Cristoforo

The chapel with a rectangular plan was erected, at least in its final building phase, no later than the 19th century, in the large cavity

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I terrazzamenti di Amalfi

  MUNICIPALITY: AmalfiNAME: Terrace of AmalfiLOCATION: Loc. Pastena Lone, Loc. S. Lorenzo al Piano DESCRIPTION: The most terraced area within the municipality of Amalfi is

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Paper Museum

MUNICIPALITY: Amalfi NAME: Museo della Carta/Paper Museum LOCATION: Via Lorenzo d’Amalfi DESCRIPTION: The Paper Museum arose in the old paper mill owned by Mr. Nicola

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Museo Diocesano

MUNICIPALITY: Amalfi NAME: Diocesan Museum LOCATION: Basilica of the Crucifix / Basilica del Crocifisso DESCRIPTION: The Diocesan Museum was founded in 1995 in the Basilica

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Chiostro del Paradiso

MUNICIPALITY: Amalfi NAME: Cloister of Paradise LOCATION: Piazza Duomo DESCRIPTION: The Cloister was built in the mid-13th century by Bishop Augustariccio, to create the cemetery

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