The box of ideas

This section of the site is the reference point for those who care about the conservation of the uniqueness of the territory as recognized by UNESCO.

The “Box of ideas”, in fact, is a section that will be implemented with the contributions of Internet users and visitors, who will be able to propose ideas that emerged during ‒ or in view of ‒ a visit. Or to solve a detected problem.

Naturally, the contribution of the inhabitants of the Amalfi Coast is not only welcome, it is fundamental: living in the area they inhabit, they are the first to find the need to make up for any shortcomings.

Only one thing is asked: it is not enough to report the problem, it is also desirable to propose a solution.

All the ideas will be collected and published in the in-depth section in order to form a memorandum for the managers concerned, who will be able to translate the ideas into actions.