The itinerary introduces the visitor into the dimension which produces more suggestion in collective imagination because it is the essence itself that has been animating territory since some decades.

The touristic dimension, here suggested, even though involves municipalities which are considered touristic for sure, wants to prefer a more cultural aspect.

These same municipalities characterized by the presence of thousands of tourists attracted by big architectonic evidences, have also been interested by a less spread kind of tourism which brought visitors who were looking for “wild” and authentic southern Italy. During grand tour Costiera Amalfitana represented a different destination compared with others because being outside important transport links, it lived its isolation and those who arrived here were looking for something which they had not found in other places.

These visits brought here numerous european culture personalities who produced a lot of voyage notes, both as outlines and views and as real writings which can help the careful tourist, modern descendant of first voyagers, to pick up the real essence of the landscape.

To be able to discover the beginning of those atmospheres which made Amalfi, Positano or Ravello famous all around the world, implies to get into touch with true elements of the territory that hasty sights make lose.

Next to these destinations, some others less famous can offer the visitor the uncontaminated world of the real Coast.

The door of the itinerary, in Ravello, allows to begin the visit from a place which enchanted musicians and poets and thanks to this seduction there have been important development occasions for this territory.

The itinerary is practicable through movements by own car along the 163 state highway which from Vietri sul Mare reaches Positano crossing Maiori, Amalfi, Conca dei Marini, Furore and Praiano and making a deviation to Nuova Chiunzi street which from Maiori brings to Tramonti, Ravello and Scala, or using public means of transport, changing in the principal resorts of the Coast. The route can also be taken in an alternative way by using the sea link services, which are available in the spring and summer period, but do not allow to reach all the municipalities involved.

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