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UNESCO Amalfi Coast : patrimonio dell'umanità. Beni e tradizioni

Monumento a Umberto I

MUNICIPALITY: Ravello NAME: Monument to Umberto I LOCATION: Piazza Fontana DESCRIPTION: On July 29, 1900, the King of Italy Umberto I died assassinated in Monza.

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I terrazzamenti di Ravello

MUNICIPALITY: Ravello NAME: Terraces of Ravello LOCATION: Loc. Rotonda, loca. Torello, Loc. S. Cosma, Loc. Monte Brusara DESCRIPTION: The areas that contain the most terraces

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I terrazzamenti di Minori

  MUNICIPALITY: MinoriNAME: Terraces LOCATION: Loc. Villamena, Loc. Torre, Loc. Annunziata DESCRIPTION: Since ancient times Minori has been the place where the production of citrus

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Chiesa San Pietro

MUNICIPALITY: Ravello NAME: Church of St. Pietro alla Costa. LOCATION: Via Loggetta. DESCRIPTION::Dating back to the 10th century and preceded by a portico with seven

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Torre dello Scarpariello

MUNICIPALITY: Ravello DENOMINATION: Scarpariello Tower. LOCATION: Marmorata DESCRIPTION: This tower, from the viceregal period, is a double-height structure with loopholes adapted as windows, devoid of

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Chiesa San Trifone

MUNICIPALITY: Ravello NAME: Chiesa di S. Trifone LOCATION : Via Monte DESCRIPTION : This church, attached to the oldest Benedictine monastery in Ravello, already existed

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Chiesa San Martino

MUNICIPALITY: Ravello NAME: Church of St. Martin LOCATION: Via S. Martino DESCRIPTION:Now a chapel of the town cemetery, certainly pre-dating the 1600s (a pastoral visitation

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