Palazzo de Saxo


NAME: De Saxo Palace

LOCATION: Location of S. Pietro

DESCRIPTION: The palace, of 13th-century plan, preserves little of the original structure, but the description made by local historiography appears valuable for reconstructing the image of the dwelling of one of Scala’s most important families.
The entrance, decorated with marble architectural elements, led from the north into a covered hallway surrounded by a large loggia, supported by columns. The courtyard had a decoration of interlaced arches and was the central element of the entire building, which was developed on four sides and ended with four towers, one in each corner.
According to tradition, Gerardo Sasso, founder of the Order of the Hospitallers of Jerusalem, belonged to this family.

SEE, VISIT, FIND: The structure, limited to the courtyard, can be visited during the event “Scala, open doors,” as it belongs to private individuals.
OPPORTUNITY: Visitors should be given the opportunity to enjoy the architectural evidence also on other occasions than the “Scala Open Doors” events, so the architectural features of the structures could be illustrated outside (panels, reconstructive models, etc.).

BIBLIOGRAFIA: FRANCIOSA N., Scala. Storia, Cultura e Paesaggio, Salerno 2001
CAFFARO A.-GARGANO G., Costiera amalfitana, guida storico-artistica, Salerno 1979


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