Chiesa di San Filippo Neri

NAME: Church of St. Filippo Neri
LOCATION: Loc. Pontone

DESCRIPTION: The structure, preceded by a cross-vaulted atrium, has three apsidal naves, divided by three arches on columns, covered by lunetted barrel vaults (the peacock-tail groove motif present in the lunette of the aisles is interesting).
In the sacristy, adjacent to the right aisle, a fresco depicts the Calvary scene, with clear iconographic derivation from the late medieval period.

SEE, VISIT, FIND: The church is closed; in order to visit, one must go next door.
OPPORTUNITIES: If it is difficult to keep the church open all the time (and it is inconceivable that the private individual who holds the keys could continually go and open it to visitors), at least it could be illustrated from the outside via information panels.

BIBLIOGRAFIA: FRANCIOSA N., Scala. Storia, Cultura e Paesaggio, Salerno 2001
CAFFARO A.- GARGANO G., Costiera amalfitana, guida storico-artistica, Salerno 1979


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