Chiostro di San Pietro alla Canonica – Grand Hotel Convento

NAME: Cloister of S. Pietro alla Canonica
LOCATION: Loc. Vagliendola

DESCRIPTION: The Cappuccini hotel occupied until recently the premises of the Cistercian convent of S. Pietro alla Canonica, which arose in 1212 and passed to the Capuchins in 1583.
The cloister is what has best survived the later adaptations, with its three sides. The structure, open on a central courtyard by interlaced pointed arches resting on twinned columns, determines side galleries covered by the usual cross vaults on pointed arches.
The monks’ cells, although they often retained their original volumetry, underwent several transformations to be adapted to receive guests.
The small church, a single rectangular room with a cross vault and tiled floor, is interesting. The marble high altar dates from 1800; while canvases from the 1700s-1900s adorn the walls.

SEE, VISIT ,FIND: It is currently a hotel.
OPPORTUNITY: The structure, which is municipal heritage, should be visitable, at least in its valuable artistic components. Establishing opening hours, with staffing and availability of information materials, could solve the problem.

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