Linked to the festival time, this path allows the tourist to the deep knowledge of the area. The procession in honor of a Saint or Madonna, even on important occasions of the year, it has a value that involves not only the religious feeling but also the anthropological one.

The Amalfi Coast in this sense it offers a very rich heritage of elements it makes concern the own attention: from the processions of the Saint protector of the town that assumes the character of a real tribute of devotion to him who protects the people from dangers and sometimes it has particular characteristics like the statue movement according to a predetermined scheme so the simulacrum bringers move at a dance pace, to those of Dead Christ of Sain Friday, which are accompanied by the sing of the “battenti” that is, of the epigones of the members of the brotherhoods of flagellants, or to those that opens Christmas period and they are linked to some saint figures that are worshipped a lot in the Coast, like S. Lucia o S. Barbara, whose precessions are accompanied have a particular moment in the pass close to the sea or even to the arrival at the seashore, like that it asks to the Saint or to the Virgin the protection during the fishing activity.

The gate path in Vietri sul Mare shows to the tourist a world where you can know all these aspects twisted together.

To witness or participate in the processions you need to go to the different communes of the Coast when these are taking place.

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