Chiesa dell’Annunziata

NAME: Church of the Annunziata.
LOCATION: Loc. Petrito

DESCRIPTION: Of the church, dating back to the 11th century, the structures were demolished in 1950 due to problems with staticity: only parts of the two apses that contain remains of a fresco (St. Michael), the crypt and the splendid bell tower survive.
The bell tower, in fact, visible from all over the village, is a splendid example of the architectural use of two-tone tuff inlays.
With a square ground plan, it has a circular belfry, with a dome and decorations of the supporting elements of the mullioned windows, obtained by alternating gray and yellow tuff, of which, unfortunately, sometimes only the imprint remains in the mortar; lozenges, rhombuses, and star-shaped motifs complete the decorative repertoire.
The church was home to the Congrega dell’Annunziata, composed only of pasta makers from Minori.

SEE, VISIT, FIND: The bell tower can be seen along the road from the center of Minori to the locality of Torre, from which there is an interesting view of the town.
OPPORTUNITIES: The complex, illuminated at night, could be illustrated by means of information panels.

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