This kind of path is aimed at who does not disdain a little effort for a fascinating discovery. The rock sites, in fact, they rise outside the residential areas, normally along the paths whose memory is losing; sometimes they are simple natural cave in which you can acknowledge regularization of activity operated by the hermit to live in it, other times they even save precious paints that reproduce holy characters with the inevitable Benedictory Christ of byzantine iconography, other times they are real religious complexes of which a part has saved its rock nature, usually the first place of frequentation, while the rest has the architectonic features of a chapel or a church. Sometime the chapel was built in the cave directly, like to get closer the relation between the rock and the faith.

The path gate in Maiori introduces in this time travel between faith and art to understand an aspect not so famous in the Amalfi Coast.

It is necessary to reach in the single communes, then you should visit on foot. To the S. Barbara cave in Furore and the church of S. Maria dell’Avvocata in Maiori the movements are difficult: you should be an expert of paths and training at high altitude excursions

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