MUNICIPALITY: Vietri sul Mare
NAME: Villa Guariglia

DESCRIPTION:The villa (until 1970 the property of the ambassador of Italy, of the Order of Malta, and Minister in the Badoglio government), originally a farmhouse, has undergone numerous changes since 1800 that have transformed it into the present structure, consisting of a central body of residential type, with an adjoining chapel, and minor buildings scattered in the park, including a small tower, swimming pool, etc…
The park, which takes advantage of the local technique of terraces, is an example of Mediterranean scrub; in the 1981 turret, on the other hand, stands the Museum of Ceramics, which collects numerous testimonies of local production.

SEE, VISIT, FIND: The Museum is open every day, except for Monday, from 8.15 am to 3.15 pm (Sunday opening varies).
FRUITION DATA: Approximately 20,000 visitors per year (up 20 percent).
OPPORTUNITIES: Visits to the Museum could be integrated with other forms of presentation and enhancement of ceramic handicrafts and the processing techniques behind them (intangible cultural heritage).

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