Palazzo Ferrajoli della Cappella

MUNICIPALITY: S. Egidio del Monte Albino

NAME: Palazzo Ferrajoli della Cappella
LOCATION: 40°43’57.49N/14°35’47.74E

DESCRIPTION:The palace, which belonged to a branch of the Ferrajoli family, is called “della Cappella” because it stands near the Church – Chapel della Madonna delle Grazie (of Our Lady of Grace). In its present appearance, it reveals renovations on the eighteenth-century building phase, therefore it was defined as “an example of 18th-century cultured architecture”. The second floor, consisting of the part intended for housing, was originally intended to be concluded by an additional floor that constituted the attic, now elevated and used for housing. In the area provided with a tympanum, the central balcony contains the family crest. The interesting part is the garden that accommodates a patio, whose entrance is embellished with stucco pilasters and an upper tympanum, while inside remains of frescoes that hint at a sacred subject may suggest an original chapel immersed in the garden.

BIBLIOGRAFIA: AA. VV. Sant’ Egidio del Monte Albino Il paese che meglio ha conservato il suo centro storico con i suoi cortili e palazzi, la sua storia, la sua quiete, i suoi profumi e sapori, Salerno 2009


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