NAME: Arab baths.
LOCATION: Loc. Pontone Locality and St. Catherine

DESCRIPTION: Of these constructions belonging to dwellings of wealthy Scala families, two survive: one in a house in the locality of Pontone, the so-called tower-house, the other in the locality of Santa Caterina (Trara palace).
Both baths have the same structure: they consist of small communicating rooms with different purposes: one for cold bathing, one for warm bathing and the last one for hot bathing. The last room, with a fluted dome roof and central basin accessed by steps, has been better preserved.
The system of terracotta pipes is interesting: it must have been used for abduction of water and creation of steam. This system is well-preserved therefore parts of it can still be seen in the one of Pontone locality.

SEE, VISIT, FIND : During the annual event “Scala, Open Doors,” aimed at enhancing the local monumental heritage, it is possible to visit the two structures. Otherwise, it is necessary to contact the owners.
OPPORTUNITY: Visitors should be given the opportunity to enjoy the architectural evidence even on occasions other than the “Scala Open Doors” events, so the architectural features of the structures could be illustrated outdoors (panels, reconstructive models, etc.). The evidences could also be contextualized and enhanced within a tour route dedicated to medieval archaeology.

BIBLIOGRAFIA: FRANCIOSA N., Scala. Storia, Cultura e Paesaggio, Salerno 2001
VENDITTI A, Scala e i suoi borghi, in Napoli Nobilissima, vol. II, fasc. IV, 1969.


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