Basilica of the Crucifix

DENOMINATION: Basilica of the Crucifix.
LOCATION: Piazza Duomo

DESCRIPTION: : This church, the oldest Cathedral in Amalfi, according to Schiavo dating back to the 6th century, was communicating with the present Cathedral when it was built, and with the Paradise Cloister, from which it is currently accessed.
After a skillful restoration that brought the church back to its original architectural phase, the present structure has two naves (the third, which certainly existed, had to be absorbed into the larger Cathedral), with a central apse that occupies almost the entire width of the structure and a raised transept. The naves are divided by pointed arches resting on spolia columns and by very high walls lightened by mullioned windows with twinned columns and, in the highest register, by single-lancet windows.
Side chapels preserve traces of 13th-century paintings.
The roof is entrusted to a double-sloped roof with an exposed wooden truss.

SEE, VISIT, FIND: It is home to the Diocesan Museum and is part of the Paradise Cloister and Cathedral sightseeing route.
FRUITION DATA: Approximately 200,000 visitors per year (Paradise Cloister data).
OPPORTUNITIES: No suggestions.

BIBLIOGRAPHY: a c.) GARGANO O., Amalfi la città famosa, la città da scoprire, Amalfi 1995.


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