Vietri sul Mare – Myths and Legends

Vietri sul Mare – Myths and Legends

The most famous legend of Vietri sul Mare is the one linked to the two rocks which emerge from the sea at a short distance on the side which borders with Salerno.

There are various versions.

It is said, for example, that those two little stacks are linked to an event concerning two brothers (people from Vietri call the rocks “e frate”) which have been divided when they were born because of a kidnapping of one of them by Saracenic, and they found themselves to fight one against the other on opposite sides, one as Saracenic and the other as Lombard.

When, fatally injured they leant themselves on the two rocks which emerged from the sea, they were sucked down by the sea not before to realize that on their shield there was the same coat of arms which stated their family ties.

Local inhabitants called the two rocks “I due fratelli” to remind this event.