Scala – Pontone – Amalfi

The route crosses highly significant areas from an architectural and naturalistic point of view. Starting from Scala, in fact, it is possible to admire architecture masterpieces built in the period of great prosperity of the Duchy of Amalfi, from the crypt of the Scala Cathedral, where the Gothic lines of the tomb of the wife of Antonio Coppola, Marinella Rufolo mixes with the Nordic influences of the deposition on the main altar. Going further, in Minuta, you can admire the frescoes of the church dedicated to the Annunciation and going down along the terraces you reach the village of Pontone where the medieval richness lives on in the inlays that decorate the apses of the Church of S. Eustachio and frame the profiles of private houses or in the turreted structure of numerous houses, which reveal the defensive origin of the urban nucleus. To conclude the route in Amalfi, you can cross the Valle delle Ferriere with the ruins of the old factories that used to produce the famous handmade paper or shorten your route by a staircase that leads to the upper part of the Valle dei Mulini, in the urban center.

Once arrived to Scala, in Minuta locality, by public means of transport (not all public buses arrive as far as Minuta), it is necessary to walk the road which brings to the hamlet of Pontone, crossing the terraced gardens and walking along important monumental evidences (Annunziata Church in Minuta, S. Eustachio Church and the one of S. Filippo Neri in Pontone). Once in the small square of Pontone, another hamlet of Scala, it is necessary to take another road with steps which brings as far as Amalfi, in the high area of the municipality, from where it is possible to walk through the roads of the urban centre.

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Le cartiere

In the Ferriere Valley of Amalfi and the Reginna Minor valley of Minori, it is possible to admire several remains

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Architettura e natura

Paper Museum

MUNICIPALITY: Amalfi NAME: Museo della Carta/Paper Museum LOCATION: Via Lorenzo d’Amalfi DESCRIPTION: The Paper Museum arose in the old paper

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Architettura e natura

Museo Diocesano

MUNICIPALITY: Amalfi NAME: Diocesan Museum LOCATION: Basilica of the Crucifix / Basilica del Crocifisso DESCRIPTION: The Diocesan Museum was founded

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