Ravello – Atrani – Amalfi

This route crosses the valley of the Dragone torrent and continues along the old pedestrian road which leads from Atrani to Amalfi. In the upper part of the route, walking along the path of the stream which flows at a lower level than the road, it is possible to see some examples of old mills, which still show the ancient water supply systems on the outside. These systems, consisting of canals that started from the stream and also running on arched structures reaching the water towers, made it possible to use the available water and not take it away from the terraces planted with lemons and vines. Once in Atrani, after crossing the small urban center, take the old pedestrian road to Amalfi: if you have a little more time, it is worth making a small detour along the route, choosing the longer road that passes at the foot of the Amalfi cemetery, built on the site of the ancient Benedictine monastery of S. Lorenzo al Piano, from where it is possible to enjoy a wonderful view of Amalfi.

The pedestrian road to cover starts near S. Maria a Gradillo Church (Ravello) and following next shortcuts it gets to Atrani, near S. Maria del Carmine Church, where it joins urban roads of the centre. From here it is possible to reach Amalfi, a part from using the carriage, also using the ancient pedestrian road which is situated at a higher altitude compared to the carriage and that starts in the small square of Atrani. The pedestrian road from Ravello to Atrani meets the carriage in several points, so that it is also possible to use public means of transport.

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In the Ferriere Valley of Amalfi and the Reginna Minor valley of Minori, it is possible to admire several remains

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