Pogerola – Valle delle Ferriere – Amalfi

This route represents an interesting variation to the usual walk and leads to the discovery of natural beauties as well as architectural structures, evidence of the first industrial activity of papermaking. Starting from Pogerola, you cross areas of great naturalistic value, with flowing waters and vegetation which, thanks to the high humidity rate, is more luxuriant at the bottom of the valley and less in the upper parts of the route. Among the ruins of the ancient paper mills which, using the waters of the Chiarito stream, were the creators of the fame of handmade Amalfi paper, you can also see the remains of one of the first hydroelectric plants in Italy or those of the oldest ironworks. At the end of the route, you reach a completely different world: after turning the last bend, immediately after the structure of the city aqueduct, the blue of the sea in the distance mixes with the yellow and green of the terraced lemon trees, while the stream continues to supply water to one of the last paper mills still in operation.

The itinerary includes paths which are not recommended for inexperienced people and which are indicated on CAI maps and on those distributed by information points. The path traces part of Ferriere Valley ending next to the centre where it allows to see also industrial archeology remains.

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