Pogerola – Lone – Amalfi

This route gets you into contact with a part of the Amalfi Coast with the highest concentration of terraced areas, so much so that one of the localities crossed, Pastena, takes its name from the rental contract widespread in the Middle Ages which produced the terraces, the ‘ad pastinandum’. Going up the stairs that diagonally cross the terraces, you start from the Pogerola wood to reach the sea of Amalfi, leaving behind the intense green of the chestnut trees and going towards the blue of the sea meeting the yellow of the lemons and the red of the vines. This route is recommended in autumn or spring when nature colours are at its best and the weather is not too hot, letting you o fully appreciate the beauty of the places.

Once arrived to Pogerola, Amalfi hamlet, by public means of transport, it is necessary to walk along steps which do not depart from the square but from the locality called Lone. The most important of these roads is surely Via Maestra dei Villaggi, which ends at the exit of the living area of Amalfi but in a point where the carriage allows to use public means of transport.

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Le cartiere

In the Ferriere Valley of Amalfi and the Reginna Minor valley of Minori, it is possible to admire several remains

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Architettura e natura

Paper Museum

MUNICIPALITY: Amalfi NAME: Museo della Carta/Paper Museum LOCATION: Via Lorenzo d’Amalfi DESCRIPTION: The Paper Museum arose in the old paper

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Architettura e natura

Museo Diocesano

MUNICIPALITY: Amalfi NAME: Diocesan Museum LOCATION: Basilica of the Crucifix / Basilica del Crocifisso DESCRIPTION: The Diocesan Museum was founded

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