Torri di Fratta

NAME: Fratta Castle
LOCATION: Mount Brusara

DESCRIPTION: The castle stands on one of the slopes behind the town of Ravello and served to protect the area when enemy attacks came from the territory of Tramonti. Existing as early as 1110, it faced attack by the Pisans in 1135. There are remains of two square towers close to each other of this castle, of which the ground floor with the cistern and the graft of the vaulted roof of the second floor is visible in one case; the northernmost tower shows only parts of two corner walls.
The construction technique is the uncertain work in local stone. Destroyed Fratta, the castrum was moved in the 13th century a little further north to the esplanade of Mount Brusara; called Turris Nova by historians, it survives only in the perimeter of the structures and the large cisterns.

SEE, VISIT, FIND: Both the towers and the remains of the castle on the mountain are unknown to most and difficult to reach, given the absence of signs.
OPPORTUNITY: Including the remains in a nature trail that passes through the chestnut grove may facilitate a visit not only to the structures but also to the entire center, as the panorama sweeps over the entire coastline reaching as far as the more distant Cilento. The evidence of military archaeology could also be enhanced and contextualized by creating a specific tour route extended to the entire Coast territory.

BIBLIOGRAPHY: CAMERA M., Memorie storico – diplomatiche: città e ducato di Amalfi, Salerno 1881.


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