Chiesa San Giovanni Battista

NAME: Church of St. John the Baptist
LOCATION: Loc. Pontone

DESCRIPTION: The church, originally with three naves, currently presents the appearance it received after the numerous restorations it underwent over the centuries, which covered the previous structures that must have dated back to the 1100s (the 19th-century restoration erased the 18th-century paintings by Giovanni Crestiano, adorning the vault).
The high altar, in a niche, contains a statue of the patron saint of the fraction, while shallow side chapels contain canvases.
On the right wall is a tombstone of a member of the local Spina family, dated 1346 and previously placed on the floor.
The bell tower bears a majolica clock at the top.

SEE, VISIT, FIND: The church is open during liturgical celebrations.
OPPORTUNITIES: The church should be illustrated from the outside through information panels.

BIBLIOGRAFIA: FRANCIOSA N., Scala. Storia, Cultura e Paesaggio, Salerno 2001
CAFFARO A.-GARGANO G., Costiera Amalfitana, guida storico-artistica, Salerno 1979


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