I terrazzamenti di Minori


NAME: Terraces
LOCATION: Loc. Villamena, Loc. Torre, Loc. Annunziata

DESCRIPTION: Since ancient times Minori has been the place where the production of citrus fruits and in particular lemon has been the prevailing agricultural activity. Records from the Murattian cadastre (*catasto Murattiano), dating back to the mid-19th century, allow us to clarify that the areas now cultivated with lemon groves, had the same type of cultivation back then. In the municipality, it is possible to distinguish two areas with a high incidence of terraces: the one to the east (loc. Torre and loc. Annunziata) and the one to the west (loc. Villamena). The presence of drainage systems connected to the Reginna Minor stream meant that lemon cultivation was very productive. Both areas show signs of neglect. In the eastern part of the slope, it is possible to see a very large abandoned area, evidence of the fact that the ancient cultivation was lemon. The width of the terrace suggests that it was not abandoned due to an economic issue (which was usually the cause of abandonment for small-scale terraces).

SEE, VISIT, FIND:  In order to cross the terraces, it is necessary to walk along the main street of Minori; to reach loc. Villamena, it is necessary to start going up the stairs leading to the upper part of the municipality (Via C. Carola, Via Villamena or Via Croce); while to reach the localities on the eastern side, you can walk along Via Montecita and reach Loc. Annunziata, oppure Via Torre per loc. Torre. To visit Villamena, it is suggested to descend from Ravello, crossing the terraced areas of the two municipalities and also running into part of the chestnut grove that surrounds the terraced area. To reach loc. Torre, one must continue to Maiori, crossing part of the terraces of this municipality.

OPPORTUNITY: The opportunity to see terraced areas both in use and in abandonment allows the visitor to understand how this activity influenced and still influences the hydrogeological structure as well as the economy of the Amalfi Coast.


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