Chiesa San Pancrazio

MUNICIPALITY: Conca dei Marini
NAME: Church of S. Pancrazio
LOCATION: Loc. S. Pancrazio

DESCRIPTION: The three-nave, apsidal church of S. Pancrazio shows the classic basilical plan, with a small narthex and transept created by the greater light of the last bay.
The naves are divided by pillars and covered by cross vaults. Three chapels on each side animate the elevations.
The façade and bell tower are remakes of those from the original structure, which certainly dates back to the 1300s, since an archival source records patronage over the church by the Mele family in the year 1362.

SEE, VISIT, FIND: The church is open during liturgical celebrations and in summer also at different hours but in different modes depending on the availability of volunteer staff.
OPPORTUNITIES: The recurring problem of limited opening hours causes difficulties in fruition. The church could be included in a tour dedicated to the architectural evidence of Conca dei Marini.

BIBLIOGRAPHY: SCHIAVO A., Monumenti della Costa di Amalfi, Milano 1941.


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