Chiesa San Martino

NAME: Church of St. Martin
LOCATION: Via S. Martino

DESCRIPTION:Now a chapel of the town cemetery, certainly pre-dating the 1600s (a pastoral visitation of 1577 describes it as having five altars and a different plan from the present one), it has a frescoed lunette on the external entrance, with a single nave, without an apse, with five blind arches on the right side and two on the left.
The bell tower, ending in a spire, is a jewel of architecture that rises on a belfry, through a small octagonal drum with oculi on each side. The belfry, also octagonal, with a very slender single lancet window on each side, rests on a square first level.
In ancient times, below the church, on the belfry side, passed the old pedestrian walkway, as it appears in old photos.

SEE, VISIT, FIND: The church can be visited during the opening hours of the municipal cemetery.

OPPORTUNITIES: The structures could be presented with exterior panels, so the church is always usable for visitors. Similar evidence, often little known, would be better enhanced by a tour itinerary (possibly guided) dedicated to the religious architecture of Ravello.

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