Chiesa del Corpo di Cristo

NAME: Church of the Body of Christ
LOCATION: Piazza Vescovado

DESCRIPTION: This is a single-nave structure, recuperated during restoration work on the nearby cathedral and dated in its plan to the 14th century and in Baroque remodeling to the 18th century.
It consists of a hall terminating in an apse covered by a Baroque lining determined by a calotte with ribbed cross-nails and decorated with stucco ovals and a central single lancet window that opens onto the single lancet window of the older apse. The covering of the room is entrusted to ribbed cross vaults; the floor, in glazed terracotta, dates from 1860 and comes from Vietri (reproduces geometric motifs).
Over the entrance a masonry loft would suggest a chancel.

SEE, VISIT, FIND: In this room the picture gallery is currently being set up, which will collect the artistic heritage of the cathedral and churches that no longer exist.
OPPORTUNITIES: The pictorial works present should be illustrated by captions indicating their provenance, author, date of creation and, possibly, even the essential pictorial features. All this should be done in multiple languages.

BIBLIOGRAFIA: (a c.) MARTINES R., Il Duomo di Ravello, Viterbo 2001
FULCHIGNONI G., Ravello. Le cento chiese, Amalfi 2001


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