Castrum Scalelle

NAME: Castle of Scalelle.
LOCATION: Loc. Pontone

DESCRIPTION: The castle is almost totally ruined, only structures that never exceed 1.00 meters in height survive. It was part of a larger defense system with walls and loopholes, a system to which the so-called tower-houses must also have been connected. Of the main body, large cisterns remain on the top of the hill.

SEE, VISIT, FIND: The remains can be visited by reaching the first summit of Mount Aureo.
OPPORTUNITIES: The site should be marked by a succession of signs such that the route is easily recognizable. It could also be further enhanced if presented in the context of military archaeology and, in particular, the Scala system of fortifications (illustrative panels, possibly with reconstructions of the ancient topography of the sites).

BIBLIOGRAPHY: CAMERA M., Memorie storico – diplomatiche: città e ducato di Amalfi, Salerno 1881.


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