Chiesa Sant’Antonio

MUNICIPALITY: Vietri sul Mare
NAME: Church of St. Anthony
LOCATION: Marina di Vietri

DESCRIPTION: Dating from 1607, it has a single nave with six side chapels. The high altar, like the marble balustrade separating the transept from the part for assembly, can be traced back to the 1720 reconstruction when the Vietri majolica floor was also assembled. During the various building interventions, also performed for the construction of the adjoining convent, which was suppressed in 1880 and turned into an orphanage, local historians recall the discovery of numerous pieces of archaeological pieces of evidence.

SEE, VISIT, FIND: the church is open during celebrations.
OPPORTUNITIES: the church could also be part of an itinerary dedicated to the Coast’s tiled floors.

BIBLIOGRAPHY: TESAURO A., Fonti e documenti per la storia di Vietri dalle origini al periodo normanno, Salerno 1984
CAFFARO A.-GARGANO G., Costiera amalfitana, guida storico-artistica, Salerno 1979.


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