Chiesa Santa Maria del Bando

NAME: Church of S. Maria del Bando
LOCATION: Mount Aureo

DESCRIPTION: The church, with a single, almost square nave, has on its 1886 altar a 15th-century painting reproducing the Virgin with, on the right side, a man on the scaffold. This very episode has made this church highly venerated; in fact, it is said that devoutly praying to the Virgin preserved here, a man who was about to be unjustly executed obtained the salvation. The epiclesis with which we refer to the Madonna of this church is said to be related to the fact that, since this place was in a very elevated position over the town, it was used to spread the notices among the population.
The structure has an interesting majolica floor from the town’s Collegiate Church (identical to that of the church of the Body of Christ in Ravello put in 1860). A small door next to the altar gives access to a tiny belfry.
In front of the church a small room serves as the sacristy.

SEE, VISIT, FIND: The church is open during liturgies that are celebrated on special occasions by contacting the parish priest of the Collegiate
OPPORTUNITIES: The church could be enhanced through information aids or by including it in tour routes dedicated to Atrani’s monumental assets or, for example, to the majolica floors.

BIBLIOGRAPHY: CAFFARO A. – GARGANO G., Costiera Amalfitana, guida storico artistica, Salerno 1979.
CAFUOCO M., Le chiese di Atrani, Amalfi 2000.


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