Cappella San Nicola

NAME: Chapel of St. Nicholas
LOCATION: Location Gavitella Vettica Maggiore

DESCRIPTION: The chapel covered by a barrel vault, had around 1672 the apsidal back wall with frescoes, of which some remains are visible in the upper part, the one not covered by the wall, which houses a canvas with the saint to whom the church is dedicated.
The floor is of majolica tiles with floral and geometric decoration; the very simple facade shows as embellishment a Baroque-style decoration and a small window compartment, which now contains the image of St. Nicholas in “riggiole” (majolica tiles).
The chapel has an organ, a Neapolitan work from the 1700s.

SEE, VISIT, FIND: The chapel is closed.
OPPORTUNITIES: The church could be contextualized through cross-references to other evidence, e.g., to the other episodes of tiled floors on the Coast.

SCALA G., I sentieri sacri, Praiano e Vettica Maggiore, Salerno 2001


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