Palazzo della Marra

NAME: Della Marra Palace
LOCATION: Via Della Marra

DESCRIPTION: The ruins of the palace of this noble Ravello family can be seen on the access road that leads into the town’s main square. The structures that have survived time and tampering (the two large arches that cover the street are not the only interventions made on the structures in modern times) make it possible to reconstruct roughly the characters of the original construction; the palace was, in fact, multi-story, with mostly vaulted interior rooms (the grafts of the cross vaults can still be seen) and arched openings decorated with dark tufa stringcourses. The extent of the complex occupies the area from Via Roma to Rampe B. Mansi; it is assumed that there’s an access way downstream from the palace.
Architectural features date the structures to the 11th-12th centuries.

SEE, VISIT, FIND: What survives of the Della Marra Palace is occupied by private dwellings.
OPPORTUNITIES: Architectural evidence should be properly signaled and presented by means of illustrative panels placed outside.

BIBLIOGRAPHY: IMPERATO G., Ravello nella storia civile e religiosa, Cava d. T. 1990


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