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UNESCO Amalfi Coast

This portal is not the umpteenth that offers the wonders of an exceptional site. It is (intended to be) rather a decision support structure at the service of the inhabitants and users of the territory, aimed at promoting their compatible and satisfactory evolution. The Amalfi Coast, in fact, has been included among the “Cultural Landscapes” that the UNESCO considers a “World Heritage Site” because it represents “an extraordinary example of a Mediterranean landscape with exceptional cultural and natural values ​​resulting from its difficult topography and the historical process of compatible adaptation operated by the community, a brilliant example of intelligent use of resources“. The universal value of the Amalfi Coast therefore derives not from what it was, but from how man has “adapted” it. The resulting landscape is the result of continuous transformations, always aimed at obtaining an advantage (the farmers who built the terraces in the 11th century produced it to obtain arable land), but always compatible and always characterized by an intelligent exploitation of local resources. The multiplicity of actors who today want transformations (public bodies, entrepreneurs, citizens) and the speed with which these are proposed has almost never made compatible, often not very intelligent, the transformations that one would like to make. Resulting in the need for protect the territory with very strict constraints.

The Amalfi Coast

General description of the area, its history, individual municipalities

The territory and its people

Proposals for thematic itineraries, supplemented by reports from inhabitants and visitors

The Management Plan

Structure, objectives and contents of the PdG

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Good practices and suggestions to technicians

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Informazioni sui servizi di trasporto, noleggio, sosta

Attrezzature e servizi

Informazioni essenziali su attrezzature e servizi

Vivi la Costiera

Opportunità per il tempo libero e il lavoro

Eventi, iniziative, progetti

Bacheca delle attività e dei progetti avviati, programmati o proposti da istituzioni, associazioni e cittadini

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